Sunday, January 15, 2012


Snickerdoodle on January 3. I took this right before returning her, after she was spayed.

Right ear front edge wound. This is the spot that at first looked like a straight cut. It looks better now than it did when I first saw it Friday afternoon.

Her nose. When I picked her up, she was drooling badly, and had a raw spot worn on her chin and below her nose. However, there was also what looked like a bite on her lower lip and chin. Her nose has darkened, like with ringworm, since I picked her up. This also could be from licking her nose because of the drool. Val got a black nose when he had mouth infection, from the infected drool and licking it. I don't have a working Wood's Lamp. She has no sign of ringworm on the usual places, like toes, ear edges but you never know.

At first I thought the wounds on the left ear edge were burns. They were bleeding if touched and swollen. I did see two definite punctures, however, that could have been bite wounds from the other cat. I don't know. I took this today and they're much reduced. Most of that is just caked blood. I'll clean it again. The swelling is gone and wounds now don't bleed much. When I asked the owners today, when the ear wound appeared, they said "two days ago". I said, "but I took her in from you two days ago." She then said "two days before that". Before that, they told me it started the day after she was spayed. So I have no clue. The owners are "unreliable witnesses". All I know is she has trouble eating, which is related to the drool and lower jaw tremor (infrequent) and the Brownsville woman might be right that she has an ear infection. I am clueless and hope to get her to a vet tomorrow.

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