Monday, January 16, 2012

21 Icey Degrees

It is freezing outside here in Oregon. It's 21 degrees out where I live. Brrrrrr!

The snow that fell yesterday is now frozen solid on the roadways.

Last night, it was "try something new" night here. So I made spinach ravioli, from scratch. That's right, I made and chilled pasta dough, cut it, and stuffed it with my homemade stuffing of spinach, ricotta and Parmesan cheese and mushrooms.

I was awkward on forming the pastas themselves but they came out, if not perfectly formed, great tasting. Once stuffed, I boiled them until they floated, sauced and ate them. Oh, forgot to mention, sauce from scratch also.

The hardest part: I have no rolling pin, so I had to roll the dough using my fists in a rolling motion.

My first time, making pasta dough and stuffed pasta. It was SO fun!

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