Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Back and so is Grumbly

Two days, that's all he got in his new home before they gave up. Sad! They knew what he was like and thought they could manage. I suggested they adopt Suri with him, but they didn't want three cats. Two days later they wanted him gone. Only I wasn't home yesterday. I was at the S/nipped clinic, with ten local cats being fixed.

I rose early Thursday morning. I rose at 2:30 a.m., in fact. That's because I had to go highway 20, through Corvallis to Newport then down 101 to Coos Bay.

I usually take I5 south to Drain, then travel through the coast range via highway 38 to Reedsport. Then I take 101 south to Coos Bay. But 38 was closed due to rocks falling on the highway.

I could have taken 126 to Florence but it was closed due to high water. Highway 34 to Waldport on the coast, was closed and may still be, due to slides.

There were absolutely no road issues all the way down. I did get some wind and rain south of Newport that made driving a bit treacherous in the Cape Perpetua area, because of the light weight and box type shape of my car. But nothing very bad.

I took seven girls and three boys. All ten cats hailed from Albany, although four came from just outside city limits.
Rescued girl Kismet, spayed yesterday.

Gracesen, blue female teen, spayed yesterday. She and her two sisters, Kismet and Bright Eyes, were rescued by their caretaker, when dumped on Murder Creek Road, I was told.

Bright Eyes, the precocious young tabby female, also rescued with her sisters, spayed yesterday.

One of the four that woman had was a familiar face--one of the surviving bottle babes, from the Lebanon very old woman colony's Siamese. She had ten the day I began trapping up there and immediately abandoned six of them.

Popeye is his name.
Popeye, originally one of ten newborns from Lebanon.

I told him I rescued his sorry butt by digging him out of a woodpile late at night when so tired I could barely function way back when his eyes were not even open. "How about some gratitude, Popeye?" I continued, as I drove through the early morning hours and pouring rain.
Albany Thurston street teen male, Midnight, neutered yesterday.

Latif, torti mother of three teen females, spayed yesterday.
Klamath, DSH black female, daughter of Latif, spayed yesterday.

Fluffy, DMH black female, daughter of Latif, spayed yesterday.

Buffy, daughter of Latif, spayed yesterday.

Latif again, the mom of the three teens who also were spayed. She said Latif is actually a kitten from a black female, left behind when neighbors moved, who then started having kittens. Her mother, the black female, has disappeared.
Albany young male Herbert, neutered yesterday.

Anyhow, I elected to stay the night at S/nipped on their couch. I was tired. The cats could rest from surgery in the clinic. Good for them, good for me. So I did!

On Friday, an intern there asked about trapping cats coming onto her property. So off we went with two of the Snipped traps. They have only about four traps and a couple of them are in sad shape. I showed her how to set and bait them and place them, all that. This morning, before I left, she came in ecstatic! She caught two huge males.

I drove back this a.m., got the message about Grumbly needing to return as I got onto highway 34 to come up Columbus into Albany. He's already back, happy to be back too.

Another adoption goes bad, but I should have told them "no" to begin with.

They were extremely insistent that they were experienced enough and patient enough to make it work. He wasn't drinking so they worried, which is a good thing, and brought him back.

I'm still cleaning. My cats didn't make that bad of a mess in the 28 hours since I left.

I still believe supply side economics affects cat adoptions. If I can decrease supply, by getting tons of cats fixed, then all the cats in little rescues like mine and all the cats sitting in shelters waiting in the area would have a much much better chance of getting homes. I've just got to reduce the supply out there, so the demand for shelter and rescue cats will skyrocket.

That's my theory. Supply side economics, as applied to cat adoption and spay neuter rates.

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