Tuesday, January 31, 2012

15 Local Cats Fixed Yesterday

I took 16 local cats to be fixed yesterday. Well, 14 actually. I had to find someone to take the other two to Heartland, where they were fixed. Both of those were ferals from the Albany Side by Side colonies. A KATA volunteer agreed to take them to Heartland early morning and pick them up after they were fixed.
Flawed, the big gray stray male, fixed yesterday at Heartland, courtesy of Poppa Inc. He just went home with the Lebanon woman who had the little stray sick girl that was euthanized. She fell in love with this big guy. Off he went for a trial run as a house boy.

Teen girl from the Spicer colony, the last kitten left unfixed there, fixed yesterday at Heartland. She went home with a KATA volunteer who wants to tame her. So she won't be going back to the streets either. It was a good day for the Side by Side colonies strays.

The other 14 traveled with me to the Coos Bay Snipped clinic, currently operating only sporadically as they resolve staff issues. They need a CVT! The excellent CVT they had, left for Arizona and a family emergency. Now, Snipped is open only when they can find a relief CVT who can come work the same days their part time vets are scheduled to work, who travel in from all over to work a few days. They've got some excellent spay neuter vets coming to work a few days now and then, too.

That is one challenging staffing issue for the director, stressful too I would guess. More later, must return some kitties to their owners.

The title is correct. Despite taking 16 cats to be fixed, only 15 were fixed. One Lebanon kitten, who had wandered up starved a week before, to a woman's residence, was euthanized over severe illness.
The struggling little stray kitten who died at Snipped.

Four of the cats were transported over from Adair. Two males, Ember and Creatures, along with two females, Dottie and Ashes. Creature, a stray, turned out to be already fixed, but at least he was updated on shots.
Ember, Adair male fixed yesterday.

Ashes, Adair girl spayed yesterday.

Creature, the black male from Adair.

Dottie, spayed yesterday.

Distemper is going around this area. It's in Albany, Brownsville and Lebanon. These are the towns where I've heard of cats who have come down with this highly contagious disease.

Vaccinations are important!

I picked up three tame cats from Albany, who were fixed: Jessie and two adult kittens from her last litter, both boys--Tinker and Paws.
Horrible photo of Tinker, the orange tabby male, son of Jessie, with a missing right rear lower leg and paw, from birth.

Jessie, mom of Paws and Tinker, fixed yesterday.
Horrible photo of Paws, teen black tux long hair male, fixed yesterday, son of Jessie.

Then four more ferals were fixed from the Side by Side colonies in Albany. Two from each colony. Flawed, the big huge gray male, was fixed. So was Birdie, the little gray and white teen, the last teen needing fixed of those four at that colony. Wonder, the huge long hair white and black male from Spicer Origins was fixed and so was Posey, the teen girl from same place. 12 in all now have been fixed from the two colonies.
Wonder, DLH black and white male, fixed yesterday, from Spicer Origins.

Posey, teen black and white super sweet girl from Spicer Origins of the Side by Side Albany colonies, fixed yesterday.

Four came in from Brewster Road. Three boys--Mogilie, Bobby and Elmo, then Smokey, the girl kitten, who was euthanized.



Another male, Legalis, came in from between Lebanon and Lacomb.

Lots of boys.

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