Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two More Caught at Side by Side Colonies. Gray Male, Tipped or Not Tipped?

Face off Gray male, right ear tattered and beat up from fighting but not ear tipped.

Spicer Origins long hair black tux. The cat is large, but I'm not so sure it is not a girl. The nose and feet are smallish. She or he has a cold.

I caught two more cats at the two block apart colonies in Albany. I caught that big gray face off male and he is not fixed.

I caught one of the two black tux long hairs at Spicer Origins also.

I have too many cats now for the clinic reservations I have and don't know where to get them all fixed. Boy. I also have a wait list now of about 30 cats.

UPDATE: I think I was right the first time. I think the big gray guy is fixed. That ear looks like it is slant tipped, or tipped badly, on the slant, making it very difficult to tell. I tried to feel him up and he got mad. He's big enough he could do some damage. I felt no balls, unless they're super teensy. I think the big guy is fixed and somebody just ear tipped badly.

So is that an ear tip or not? The "tip" of the ear is still there, but the foreward edge does look cut. Are these merely fighting wounds or is it indeed an ear tip, that missed the tip? By comparison, the left ear has no such edges and is rounded on the sides.

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