Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sorry Saga of Gretal's Bad Mouth

This is Gretal drooling blood on August 14, before her first dental. It's coming from the upper left.
This is Gretal drooling again, taken a few minutes ago, again drooling from the same location. Maybe the upper canine has been infected all along. I don't know.

It's eery, isn't it? To see the two photos, drool from the exact same location, taken months apart, two dentals inbetween.
She is miserable. The gums around all the canines look inflamed and in this photo, there almost appears to be a fifth tooth, behind the lower left canine, if you zoom in. Can't be. She's supposed to have only four teeth left. But sure looks like another tooth.

Gretal is having difficulty again. Again she will go to the vet, to have the last of her teeth pulled this time (I hope). I think she's allergic to her teeth and just needs them all gone and long term antibiotics. I hope anyhow. I knew the last four would also be bad since all the others were. She's had two dentals since August and in both cases, had trouble within a month. Maybe if all the teeth are gone, well, let's hope.

In both cases she did really well for a couple of weeks after tooth removal then began drooling and working her jaw again. I think that's about the amount of time it takes infection to set back in.

Her appointment is in a couple of weeks, the first I could get in. Unless I find another vet who can do it sooner. Would like to get it done with. I hope she doesn't have something worse, like jaw or throat cancer or something. I guess the vets would have found that in November if that was there. I hope she'll be ok.

I really want to find a vet who can see her sooner than January 12th. It's too distant. She's in too much pain.

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