Thursday, December 22, 2011

Say Goodbye to Pebbles

Pebbles is getting a home. I had hoped the family would also take Suri, but that was a no go. They're a great family and have one cat already so it should work out ok with time. We will miss her here. She is leaving Saturday.Say goodbye to Pebbles, who is leaving Saturday.Shaulin, from the Albany Bengal man colony.
Sam, playing happily with a cat toy made by and sent to me by Midori of WA.
Sam with the catnip filled cat toy again.

Ancient Electra really got high on the catnip toys sent by Midori.

I have almost completed treating all the cats here with Revolution, to combat ear mites. The vet suggested I treat them each three times two weeks apart. I've accomplished that with most, but have not even treated five of the cats once, who seem to have figured out my scheme and keep eluding me. Yesterday I got the mischievous Shady, who somehow knows exactly when I'm after her and will start loudly meowing in protest and trying to hide. How in the world can she know it's her I'm after? I try to be sly, sidle up, hiding the Revolution, but she knows before I get close. How? She's always been horrible to medicate, howling like she is being murdered in horrible fashion if I approach with eye meds, hidden in my pocket. I conclude I give her body language and attitude clues.

I'm done with Christmas shopping and sent out boxes to my brothers' families two days ago which were supposed to arrive yesterday, according to the PO, but did not. Big shock, eh?

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