Monday, December 26, 2011

I am Sick of Islamist Militants

I am sick of them and their violence and killings in the supposed name of religion. Go to the post title to read an article about the ridiculous Christmas message from one of these violence control freaks.

They want to control you and everyone, but especially women. No free thought allowed ever under them. They are terrified of freedom. Control freaks always are. Their arguments hold no weight under scrutiny or debate or among free thinkers anywhere.

You want to practice your fanatic religion? Then go right ahead. Just don't force others to believe like you. It is wrong.

Only control freaks and paranoids have a deep need to control others so out right or are so afraid of and jealous of women they must control every aspect of a woman's life.

I feel for women trapped under such men or who live in countries under the control of such horrible men. Women in those regions will need to take up arms.

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