Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gretal the Howler

Gretal has been staying in my bathroom much of the time for the last week, so I can give her sub cu fluids and antibiotics and force feed her. This has not been easy. She is a headstrong kitty and does not like to be confined.

Once she started looking better, with the antibiotics and fluids helping her, I would let her out of the bathroom at night, so I could sleep. She would come out and immediately wander around meowing until she could find her best friends--Brambles, Soloman, Poppy and Shady.

Then I would put her back into the bathroom in the morning, to get her fluids, food and antibiotics. Last night, she had to be in the bathroom because she's going to the vet this morning. This was not an easy night. That cat can howl!

She did howl. Then she would tear at the bottom of the bathroom door trying to dig her way out. I finally went in and put water along the door to try to keep her from the digging at the crack under the door. She's no weakling.

I'm so happy today is the day, to get this over and done with. Sure, she'll have to stay in the bathroom a few days afterwards for her antibiotics and pain meds. But the end is in sight, for me and for Gretal.

Bad teeth are no fun for anyone in the same house.

Speaking of best friends, Suri and Grumbly both miss Pebbles terribly since she was adopted. Both have wanted held and cuddled and comforted. I hope Pebbles is fitting in over there. Have not heard an update.

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