Monday, December 26, 2011

As I Wrote That Last Post.......

I cannot believe it. Magic just occurred.

As I was writing about the cost of Gretal's dental tomorrow, and the fact cat food is not getting dropped off and money for vet bills is not falling from the sky, CAT FOOD ACTUALLY sort of FELL FROM THE SKY!!

Here is what I was writing, in the previous post, at the exact time as somebody was leaving cat food by my garage: "People aren't driving by and dropping off cat food and money for vet bills doesn't fall from the sky. Yeah, right, eh?"

I go outside, and find, 8 BAGS of Friskies and Purina Cat Chow.

No kidding.

I'm usually attentive to noises. I heard slight bits of conversation from outside, I thought, and the cats were charging out of the living room, so I get up from writing that last post to go see what's going on. I don't see anything, so I go out back.

That's when I saw 8 BAGS of CAT FOOD against the garage.

I'm staring, then thinking, "It's magic." I'm writing about my needs and it happened--I get cat food delivered, out of nowhere.

Now I'm going outside with an umbrella and a bucket, because I'm thinking money is about to start falling out of the sky.

Life is mysterious and beautiful.

I do not know who the angel is who left those bags. Whomever you are, THANK YOU.

I believe!

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