Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gretal is Back

Gretal is back and in my bathroom recovering from yesterday's vet visit. She had to have some teeth removed and also four roots dug out, from past extractions that left part of the tooth root down in the gums. These four tooth roots were what has been bothering her.

The vet located them using digital X-rays, then made sure she got all pieces out with the same technology.

She is supposed to be eating tiny clindimycin pills in food. So far, that has not gone well.

I have Miss Daisy in there with her now and will have various of her friends spend time with her in the bathroom while she recovers. She is left with her four canine teeth only. They probably will have to be removed at some point also, the vet said.

I highly recommend All Creatures Great and Small vet clinic, just north of Corvallis.

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