Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cat House

Cutting the entry, exit holes. First I measured and marked the outer wall hole and cut it out, using a large drill bit to first drill a couple holes, then a jig saw I got at the Habitat Store.This is a completed outer wall hole.Then I put the inner wall against that hole so I could mark the hole on the inner wall, to cut it out.The marked inner wall hole.Then I drilled some holes, so I could fit the jig saw blade in to cut the hole out.
Then I cut out the hole with the jig saw.Then, before adding the inner wall, I added styrofoam insulation.Here's my styrofoam cutting tool, a kitchen knife.Here's one entry hole, showing inner and outer walls.Here's one inner wall, and you can see the styrofoam I put for insulation.Tar paper on the roof.And the recycled tin siding, cut and screwed over the tar paper.

Um, done!

Nothing fancy. Just takes a bit of time. So happy to be able to find so many cheap to free scrap materials.

I want to create some far more unique and fun designs.

I just added an inside shelf.

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