Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boredom Builds Stairs

I've had very little to do lately. Yesterday, sheer boredom drove me to play with the Millersburg scrap wood and create a new cat run and cat stairs. I'll paint them soon.

Fitting that Millersburg cats Sam and Oci were the first to check out the new construction.

With money so tight, I've been unable to drive. Gas prices are a limiting factor for everyone these days. I met a guy picking up cans, as I was doing, and he was doing so for the same reason--gas money. Sometimes I think I'm getting cabin fever.

Well, hopefully next month will be a little easier. This month included Valentino's vet visit and paying back the debt on those cats damaged by the Wilsonville clinic. These things drained my resources.

Being forced to stay in place, most of the time, has its benefits. I've cleaned the house top to bottom, fixed broken things, built and delivered that needed cat house for the old woman, gone through stuff and rid myself of things unneeded. I've read two good books and one bad one. And Gretal now follows me around like a dog.

The stories are heart wrenching of families struggling in this recession. Makes me feel lucky to have what I have.

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