Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday and the Kaboat

I love the excitement of a big crowd and something happening. Black Friday is a spectacular carnage!

I don't go. I don't have any money. I don't need a thing.

Oh sure, there are a few things. Like underwear. I do need to upgrade in this area.

I need to break down also and get some jeans again. Again mine are full of holes, stains and frayed. Most I have don't fit.

But I don't need anything.

What I do need for Christmas is less food. I could stand to get that as a gift: less food!

I have been lusting after this Kaboat. I don't know where I first saw a video of a Kaboat, which is an inflatable kayak boat cross. You can add up to a 2.5 hp gas or electric motor, although it propels just fine with oars. There are sailboat conversion kits for kaboats also, to turn a kaboat or any inflatable into a sailboat.

Many times I've been on ebay almost ready to click "Buy Now". I have resisted. I have cat food to buy, vet bills to pay and it would be highly irresponsible of me to get myself a Kaboat at this time.

I try to justify it to myself by saying to myself, "when is the last time you did something for yourself, got yourself something?" Not good enough. I won't touch that "buy now" button. I've searched for used Kaboats so far without luck.

It is good for me to want something and deny myself. So I've heard.

However, I started a little Kaboat fund, a little tin of coins thus far, a few dollar bills. I am saving up for a Kaboat.

I am linking my future splurge to personal goals, to give me incentive.

I find myself overwhelmed with lust and desire when I watch Kaboat videos, especially the ones with the converted sail unit. These advertisers have hit my weakness spot, the weakness of loving water and longing to be on the water. I can almost feel the wind in my hair, the spray on my face.

I'm probably drooling right now writing about it. Isn't that pathetic.

The Kaboat. I want one. Maybe this will spur some changes I want to make.

Of course, after I got the Kaboat, which is expensive enough, I'd lust after all the accessories: the sailboat conversion unit, which would require a car rack to carry it, the 2.5 hp electric motor, a life jacket, a boat cart, maybe a cover so I could lounge without a care in my Kaboat even in pouring rain. I can see the future of my obsession.

For gosh sakes, my car is on its last legs. Reality should be kicking in, that soon I won't be able to even get to water. But my brain is awash in stuff lust.

I have lots of fun just with my old inner tube. I don't need a Kaboat. Why I am so obsessed with getting one?

Black Friday is a spectacle of consumer splurge. I won't be going but I am just as guilty, just as participatory in the mindset, even so.

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