Saturday, November 19, 2011


Mooki cuddles with Shady.
Window watcher Teddy.
Suri, the exotic.
Rumby lives to play.
Chessy, from the Davidson street underground cats. (She's been here over a year now)
Gretal hides out beneath the bathroom sink after her latest dental work. I had it fixed up for her with a soft blankee and a heating pad.
Window watchers Shaulin, Jade and Teddy.

I can't wait for my next trip to Coos Bay. See there's this mercantile around the corner, sells discount hardware goods, they buy in bulk. You never know what they will have. But they always have lots of spray paint cans for a buck each. They have swivel wheels, for almost nothing, all sizes. I'm going to get some to make a cart.

I made a cart with some old wheels I got somewhere, but the plastic on them finally went brittle and broke. I had attached them to a small pallet, then used a luggage cart, one of those flimsy metal types, that I got a long time ago, on the front. That was my cart until those wheels broke. But now, I'll revise my cart using swivel wheels from the mercantile.

They have picker uppers, like for people who can't bend over easily, real cheap. I'm getting one of those too. I can use one for many things, like putting bait in the back of long traps without transfer doors, like to reach inside a cage holding a feral to pull something out. Lots of uses.

And they have under auto back carts, for mechanics to lay on and roll around on, beneath a car. Only I can use one to move things without much effort. That's if I don't make my own, with smaller swivel wheels I could get there.

They have rope cheap. They have tools cheap. They have zip ties cheap. They have great bungees cheap. It's a dream store!

I got all this throw away wood out in Millersburg. A friend's neighbor is rebuilding his house after it burned, you see. They saw them burning lots of scrap wood and thought of me. So they asked him if he'd just throw it onto their property. I've gotten tons.

I am in the process of building a feral housing unit for the very old Lebanon woman's cats. The slow down is the temperature in my garage. Paint dries real slow now. I got five gallons of outdoor paint for $5 awhile back at the Habitat Store in Corvallis, another favorite store of mine.

Just a few days ago, I drug home four former eaves from that scrap pile. Each pair will make a pre-formed side for an outside cat house. They have to dry first. They got a bit wet.

The other items I got from the pile last time were two heavy staircase sides. I might use them together, attaching boards to form the actual stairs, or separately. It's exciting. They too had to dry before I could consider using them.

I am also making some cat trees. I got some adhesive for $2, an entire gallon, if its good, (not rotted, since it has organic components) at the Habitat Store.

There is not a lot of room in my garage, being as how it's one car and usually my car is inside it, but I don't have a lot of stuff in my garage, contrary to most folks around here, whose garages are crammed top to bottom with stuff, so much so they can't even use them.

It's a wonderful thing to have no money really but to still be able to find things for almost nothing to use to make cool items like cat trees and housing units.

I have no money at all right now, that's for sure, after paying for Valentino's vet visit yesterday. I also had to make good on an old debt there at the clinic. There was still a balance of $130 from those cats damaged at the Wilsonville clinic with toxic scrub or something. The bill for three of the four cats affected, to be there almost a week, on IV antibiotics and pain killers was over $1200. A Portland woman paid $1200 of that bill, but it had gone $130 over that limit she set to helping. She was fortunately later paid back by the offending clinic. I am hoping they will also pay me back. I had not known there was a balance left for treating those cats.

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