Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trouble in Cat Land

Update: oops..this is the wrong property. They're not on this guy's property. I messed up. What else is new. I leave up the post to show how screwy I can get. Yup, I'm a screwball all right. And proud!

Click the post title to go to an article describing a proposed development.

Here's the problem: that's where the three old homeless campers live. With their homeless cats.

Fat Zach came from there. So did Honey, Teddy and Starr, still here.

In fact, I got 52 cats fixed back in there. However, there are probably less than a dozen still there. I took most of them out.

I am very worried for the campers and for the cats. I have an affection for those three old campers. I've known them for years.

I also want to save their cats.

I first met Richard when he lived where the Appleby's is now. I can't look at Applebys' in Corvallis without thinking of Richard, huddled there beneath a lone tree, surrounded by cats. Then that area got plowed under and paved over for the Applebys.

I had to relocate all those. Then he moved off behind Safeway, beside the tracks in the back.

Then they plowed that all under and built a Home Depot and I wandered that area, amuck in wetlands, and took out 35 more cats.

Then he moved over with his off and on girlfriend, to the place where now they'll likely be or already have been, evicted from once again. There were more cats over there. I got them fixed.

Where will those old wet brains go now? And their cats, where can they go?

No room in this world for strays. Nobody likes to look at them and nobody wants them.

Minus our clean clothes and fancy roofs and inflated self-importance, we're all strays, you know.

We'd all look about the same standing in a line naked.

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