Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sage Update Photos. And Machi Too!

A couple years back, or was it last summer, I got an orange mom fixed at a Lebanon trailer park. I thought the cat would be a male, but she was a girl, and lactating. The trailer park people said she had kittens the day before I trapped her to be fixed, beneath their trailer. I returned her.

However, I returned to the trailer park a few weeks later. The now fixed orange stray mom was frantically moving her kittens around. When she saw me and my car, she carried them one by one over and deposited them near my car, then backed off. She'd turned them over to me. They were very dehydrated and thin. All four survived thanks to mom's supreme sacrifice. Later, I went and recaught mom and she lives in Eugene now.

Two of the kittens, both girls, live with some Corvallis friends. A third girl went to the Columbia River Gorge rescue and last I heard was living in Hood River. The boy, Machi, was adopted after he was neutered, to a lovely Albany family. I recently ran into them, at Home Depot and they sent me updated photos of Machi.Here is Machi with his sisters after I took them in. That's him, on the far left.His sisters bullied him. He's on the bottom in this fight photo.I was so happy when he got a home. He was getting to be a teen.

Below are photos Machi's people sent me recently. Isn't he beautiful?

Sages's new human sent me some new photos of her.....

I also heard from one of the two women who took in four each of the ten bottle babies born to that Lebanon Siamese mother, at the very old woman colony. Not the woman whom I gave $50 and made a vet appointment for the four she had to be seen, then never went to that appointment with them and never paid me back the $50 either. The other one.

Two actually survived of the four the other woman took, both boys, now four or five weeks of age. To be honest, two out of ten, born to one mother, isn't bad! The kitten survival rates out there, when they stayed with their moms, was pretty much zero.

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