Monday, October 17, 2011

Smushed Trap Now Works!

I crunched this trap between my rear tire and the edge of the garage when backing out a couple years back. It was seriously smushed and would not work. However, today, short on traps, I went at fixing it.

First I removed the rod that goes from the trigger plate to the door trip mechanism. It was bent. I then unbent the door trip mechanism so it would work and lubricated it.

Then I flattened out and unscrunched the trigger plate itself. I removed the transfer door, which took a lot of prying and pounding and pounded it out and it's bracket out so it would slide again.

Then I replaced the solid metal trigger rod with picture hanging wire and adjusted it juuuussstt right.

Lastly, I pounds out the metal plate on top of the trap and re attached it.

It's my round the corner trap.

It's the coolest bent up beat up rusted out trap ever!!!!

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