Monday, October 17, 2011

Blue, the dog, held for death by Albany, Busted Out!

Blue's saga has been long here in Albany. He was condemned to death at the local high kill county dog shelter for biting a child who crawled into his pen or crate while he was eating and tried to take his food. The bite was not significant.

Nonetheless, the dog was condemned to death by Albany. However, the owner contested this ruling in court. The back and forths, played out in the paper for at least a year now, have been quite dramatic. A Turner veterinarian offered to take Blue in and train him. The person who has his sibling, in Texas, offered to take him.

He rotted alone at the county shelter for months, visited by city councilmen even. He was finally transferred to the Albany pet hotel and taken on walks which were shown in video on the local paper's website. Blue was really calm, calmer than the Boxer down the street who still comes after me. I now stand my ground and yell at her to go home, which she does. But...that Boxer is far more a threat than Blue. So are many dogs I meet daily.

The council has been urged to just let it go, to let Blue go, save his life, and let Albany go on. But they've been stubborn over it.

Now, Blue's been busted out of the Albany pet hotel. Click the post title to read the article. Some commenters after the story suggest someone busted him out to kill him and put an end to this saga. I doubt it.

I wouldn't put it past some of the control freak assholes in this town though.

I think it's about the coolest thing that's ever happened here that I can remember. I hope Blue is long gone, on his way, by underground railroad, to a great new life somewhere.

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