Sunday, October 30, 2011


Slurpy in the window.Rumby!

And again! He's had a slight cold lately but HATES his medicine.
Raindrop, of the Nine Albany Business cats. They're doing good. Of the nine, only Misty, who is now gorgeous, Raindrop and Tilly remain unfriendly. Even adult calico Haley has taken to life here like it was meant to be.
Sassy of The Nine, taken today. She is still sassy and still sports that furrowed worried look.
Gretal, doing well and gaining weight after the ordeal with bad teeth and getting them pulled.
Electra, one of my own, ancient, dozes, with Calamity, from Lyons street, behind her.
Slurpy, from the Save the Kittens colony, near Lebanon, dozes.
Fall has found Oregon. Leaves have turned, rain has come. Not that it ever left. We did not have much summer this year.
I revised the homemade cat fountain. I found three homemade ashtrays at Goodwill and glued them to on end old CD rack. The tube coming up the back of the CD rack goes into a crushed metal leaf from an old light fixture. The green wire holding the metal leaf in place is temp. It will be glued in place, too. It's still ugly, but what can I say.
Leaves dead and dying on the concrete.
The leaves from the one still standng maple, the Birch but not yet the Cherry (always last to lose its leaves) are weighing down the cat yard wire again. How to get the damn things off without ruining my neck. I had hoped a decent wind storm would blow up and do it for me.

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