Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photos of Cats Taken to Be Fixed Yesterday

21 cats travelled with me to Coos Bay and the Snipped clinic yesterday. The last five from two neighbors out beyond Jefferson went along for the ride. All five were females. I took photos of only four of the five. Here they are, all gorgeous girls!

I took six Albany cats along also, from six different locations. I still have not returned, or photographed two of them. But below are photos of four.
This girl was found wandering starved to death off Geary street. She is older and turned out to be already spayed.
Sassy, a darling Lynx Point Siamese female, was spayed yesterday.
Snowball was the little girl alive in fleas, owned in Albany, fixed yesterday. And, her fleas were killed.
Lukey, a little boy taken in by an Albany family and neutered yesterday.

I also took down six from between Albany and Lebanon, off Fish Hatchery Road. One male, the gray one, turned out to be already fixed. And the little orange and white male kitten is the one who had the severe heart murmur who stayed there, at the clinic. Tamara tells me an employee has taken him home. I did not get a photo of him.Muted torti mother, in back, and black male kitten, in front, gulp food, in a cage prior to returning after they were fixed.
Male fixed yesterday.
Already neutered male, from this location, who took the trip.Gray and white male fixed yesterday.The charcoal gray male, already ear tipped and fixed, caught in the barn off Knox Butte. I understand now why I didn't catch the ear tip. It's a LEFT ear tip and was not one of the cats I trapped at the colony half mile away. But I know this cat from somewhere. I recognize his face. It will come to me. The Wilsonville clinic used to sometimes make a mistake and left ear tip instead of right. So did Countryside, when I used them. The Neuterscooter vet who no longer comes to Oregon, always did left ear tips, but then he'd have the green NS tattoo in his ear and I don't see that, but I will find a better flashlight to check for the NS before releasing him.

The thing is, he knew me too. I could tell that by the time I took him back out there to let him go. So I know him and he knows me. But from where? His face is so familiar, like having a word you're searching for to use, at the tip your tongue but it won't come to you.
Butter, a pale org tabby male, from a barn off Knox Butte, who beat up his face on the trap, was neutered yesterday along with two others taken in from that barn.Pawnee, the long hair white with tabby male, fixed yesterday.
Miller, a black and white male, trapped in a Millersburg shed (formerly my shed) with a slightly clouded right eye, was neutered yesterday.

Kiki, the gray female from the N. Albany trailer park. Got her photo before taking her home.Tortilla, the torti kitten from the VV colony. I returned her today. The orange and white male kitten, the torti's brother, is half her size and severely dehydrated and cold and likely has diarrhea which will kill him. I showed this to the colony caretaker but they have an attitude of not doing a thing for these cats except putting out food. The other two male kittens have also disappeared. Again, the attitude, displayed by the daughter, of "big deal" if they are dead, sick or gone. Who cares? They just don't seem to give a shit if they live or die. I have no idea why some people have cats.
Gray fixed male on the roof.

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