Saturday, October 01, 2011

Goodbye Sage

Sage was originally abandoned in Lebanon with her four teen boy kittens. They were brought to me by neighbors, in two carriers. The people had them in there awhile, with no litter boxes. To clean them up, they hosed them down from outside the carrier. Sage was dripping wet, alive in fleas, and standing in two inches of feces floating water, when I met her. There wsa no way I'd take them back there. I sobbed to see this mother like that. What she had been through!
Sage, with Dickens, one of her boys. Dickens was taken in by the Silverton cat ladies and adopted out from there.
Dickens was the only kitten of the four boys who was not black.Smolder was one of her boys and is still here, waiting.
Shaggy, another of her boys, got a home in Corvallis.
Simba died of a congenital heart problem.
Dickens follows Sage, his mother.

Sage went to a great home today with a very accomplished young woman. She came with an equally brilliant friend. I had checked her reference already and it was glowing.

I had accessed a video on another cat, to show the friend, and later offered to e-mail her the web address. She replied, "No, I memorized the address." My mouth dropped open. She'd seen the site from a distance for only a moment. I then commented, "You two, have, by your presence, upped the average IQ of Albany by many percentiles."

These are bright young women and it's like a ray of sunshine to meet people of great intelligence.

Sage has a great chance for a long happy life in this home. We will miss you here, Sage.

By contrast, I've had several other adoption interests with people who almost scare me, or who refuse to fill out the adoption contract or who lie on it. Most are students wanting a cat, lonely, haven't thought it through, want one even though their landlord doesn't allow pets.

I caught a cold, been sneezy, tired, grumpy. Slept away most of yesterday and plan to do the same today and try to kick this cold out before it becomes nasty.

I am so happy for Sage. I love her dearly, but getting a great home means she'll get the attention and vet care she deserves.

And here, more pictures, of the delightful kitties here. Cats love it here, they love all the love and acceptance they get here, the fun, the drama, the nooks and crannies where they can sleep. It is tough on them to leave!The Family! Slurpy, Miss Daisy, Pebbles and Rumby.Slurpy, who was briefly in Silverton, gives Rumby a bath. She has taken over the job of mother hen.

Rumby especially has thrived in the abundant love and acceptance here.
Pebbles is angelic when sleeping.
The kittens are also drawn to Miss Daisy. Rumby is no exception.

Slurpy loves Rumby.
Mother Hen Slurpy gives Pebbles a bath.
Calamity, a drama queen muted torti, originally from Lyons street, born to an abandoned mother.

I will miss Sage terribly. She is a wonderful wonderful cat who went through a lot in her short life. I was waiting for just the right home, someone who would respect her and love her and I think she got that home today. But I will miss her. We all will here.

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