Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yard Work

Besides trimming off the branches of that leaning maple, I also had to trim a bunch of heavy leaning arborvitae, unmaintained by the old man next door, that were leaning so badly and heavily they threatened to take out the back fence on my side. So I cut those off. Many of those branches are dead, and would make a great campfire they're so long dead and dry. I want to find somewhere to have a campfire before winter really hits.

I also took out an ugly ill placed bush at the front of the yard. I need to take out another, wrongly placed to where the only way it can bush out is against the house. These bushes I believe were bought and placed quickly, after the house was put up for sale, to add "curb appeal". There was a dead dog wood out in the center front lawn, tag still attached, when I moved in. This house was a rental all its life since it was built.

I took the strawberries out of the raised contained bed, made out of tractor part shipping boxes. I moved them to the ground, because they really took off and need sun and room, come next spring. Plus, I love strawberries and only want more.

These strawberries all came from one wilted little planted I got on sale somewhere a year ago last spring.

I'd like to have blue berry bushes but they're hard to grow, need acidic soil, and take a couple years at least to mature to where they bear fruit. I'd like to grow table grapes too.

I had two each of the one by six collapsible tractor part box pieces nested atop each other to form three raised beds. I decided a raised bed needs only one, so I took the three top pieces off and placed them along my driveway and those will make three more raised beds and, AND, less lawn space. I love that---less lawn!

I don't want any lawn out front left. It's a hassle, never good enough to please anybody and wasted space. I'm not a lawn person!

I finally remodeled, painted and insulated the final feral housing unit and passed it along, and out of my yard, to the people on the Albany street of strays. Another project done.

I also put up the limo screen I got some time ago. No more prying eyes watching me, or counting my cats, through the window.

That's what boredom gets me--long waiting projects finished in rapid fire succession.

Now what?

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