Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suri was returned

Lady calls, says she's returning Suri because she has been congested and might be slightly allergic to her.

So she said she'd have to return her or "put her outside", a kitten no less.

It is so depressing to get a kitten, now a teenager, returned and know by now, with her getting bigger, and now the instability for her that comes with being returned, she'll be less likely to get a home.

I am bummed, seriously bummed. I have some goals, however, to try to reach, and a big goal in mind to achieve, hopefully, by next summer.

I want a better life. I've broken my desired outcome down into steps with the biggest step hopefully to be achieved within 9 months, that of leaving this area.

I'm happy with my plan. Now to go at it, one step at a time. I've worked on the details and finally wrote it all down, after Suri was returned, determined now. I got this plan. I got it on paper now, broken down, and I am going for it.

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