Friday, September 09, 2011

Three Kittens Still Here Needing Homes

I still have Pebbles, Rumba and new boy, Peter Piper, the fuzzy lynx point. I had thought the folks who adopted Suri (now named Molly I think), were also going to adopt Pebbles, but I left a message asking, and they have not called back. I am assuming they've decided to stay with just Suri for now.

The folks who adopted Kenji and Pepper had expressed interest in Peter Piper, but I haven't heard anything again, so he's up for adoption, although I don't think he's feeling well tonight.

He was trembling. It might be because he's had too much excitement today, is overly anxious from too many new things, introductions, noises. But I worry. He took a tumble off the windowsill in the bathroom when first here, and hit on his back, just below his shoulders, on the edge of the bed box I had in the bathroom for all four kittens. He has seemed ok afterwards. I hope he didn't hurt his spine.

He's had a big day, lots of being held and carried around and watching other cats while in my arms. Maybe he's just tired out. He's such a sweetheart, so sincere and wanting love and re-assurance. But even kittens need their sleep, more so than adult cats.

I had a big week adopting out cats. I still have three wonderful kittens. I hope to find them homes, but if it takes a little bit, that's ok.

Two of Peter's siblings got a great home in Corvallis. Kenji and Pepper got a great home together. Suri got a great home with an Albany woman. Izzy went to a Lebanon woman who seemed to love cats very much. I've let them go.

I need to make sure Peter, Rumby and Pebbles are good to go and work to find them placements that suit them and those wanting a kitten or kittens.

The people who adopted the others last week seemed so fantastic. I felt very happy and lucky to have met them.

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