Saturday, September 10, 2011

Swim Day

I went swimming. I have no fancy gear, not even a swim suit. I had a blast.

I wade in, dressed in shorts and T-shirt and the rubber velcro sandals I've worn for a year straight. I pull a boogie board I bought at Value Village for $3, for safety. I wear the same clothes home and air dry with the windows down. You don't have to have a lot of money or fancy gear to have some fun.

I have ripped Foster Reservoir for its millions of jet skis but every time I go up there I meet super nice people and have a great time. Like today.

I picked and ate blackberries from the water, while clinging to rocks. I swam across the slow speed arm a couple of times. I jumped off some rocks into the lake a couple of times. I watched the kids jump off the high rocks and rooted them on. I petted a sweet golden retriever puppy.

I'm still all wet, in many ways.

I had a blast today.

It was perfect.

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