Friday, September 16, 2011

Slaughtering Birds With Glass Windows

At last, a redirection from cats to glass, as major bird killers. Click the post title to view article in NY Times on the problem there, in the big city, with birds hitting glass and dying, by the thousands each year.

Add to this, collisions with airplane engines, radio and cell towers, cars, and habitat loss, not to mention pesticide use killing and tainting everything birds eat, from seeds to bugs, this spells bad news for birds.

Add to this bird feeders who teach migratory birds that food comes from humans in a bird feeder and birds really face issues.

Cats do kill birds. I figure I've saved tons of birds with the cat fixing work I do. I also love birds. Around here, where I live, I see only starlings, scrub jays and pigeons. There's nowhere for them and nothing for them to eat in these concrete subdivisions with only small very tailored chemical sprayed lawns and gardens.

Animals and birds like chaos.

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