Thursday, September 15, 2011

13 Albany Cats Fixed Today. Snipped Clinic in Coos Bay Rocks!

I took the trip down to the Snipped clinic today. They get them done so quickly, give me accurate records back on each and are courteous and fun.

Also, Mickey lets me stay at her place all day and sleep and eat really good food!

OMG! These people are wonderful!

I took only 13. I took the four VV colony boys I netted up there on Tuesday evening, so they were here and ready. Sinbad, one of the four VV colony male kittens.Captain Ahab.

I took two girl kittens from the Albany street. Simone, one of the two girl kittens. Goochie, the other girl.I got their mom fixed seems like so long ago. Then I got their brothers fixed but they weren't big enough. Now the girls are fixed too.

I took the last adult female inside the house of cats. Ginger!

This is the kind woman on that street who, with her husband and dog, care for caste offs. This is not the old couple on the street who killed a litter of kittens, maybe two litters, and feed cats too, and are moving and leaving the ones they feed.

This woman tries hard to take care of stray kittens born to just as unwanted moms. Gingers' four kittens were fixed last time I went down to the clinic. In the meantime, another stray mom had kittens and abandoned two of them. This woman took the newborns in and Ginger nursed them and her big dog would clean them afterwards.

Anyhow, I trapped that mother outside, who had abandoned the two. Gracie.

I had the staff check to see if they think she's still nursing the ones she didn't abandoned somewhere and the clinic thinks not, which might mean the old kitten killing couple struck again or they may have been killed by the many big dogs on the block. Don't know. Or maybe they're out there, alive.

I trapped the final 8 month old fed by the kitten killer couple, although now, the nicer couple has been feeding all four of those, plus this young females' surviving litter, which is two kittens. Marianne.

The kind couple are putting out feelers among church members and friends trying to find a barn home for those four and the kittens.

So three adult females got fixed from that street. The only unfixed cat left I know of, out there free roaming, would be the big gray tom, who does not live on that street and comes through only when a female is in heat. I've petted him and will take him in to be fixed, when the timing is right.

Been a haul, but that street is sure a lot better off now that pretty much every cat is fixed.

Only takes one asshole moving in nearby who doesn't fix their cats to ruin it again though.

So in total, five more went down to be fixed from that street. All five of those were females.

I also took in to be fixed a mom and her three black kittens, two boys and a girl, from N. Albany. She'd been dumped out there pregnant. She's an amazing cat and her kittens are darling. Missy.Little Black.One of the two black male kittens fixed.

So, 13 more Albany cats fixed. I got quite a lot of sleep before leaving early this morning, plus I slept four hours down there during the day. So the trip was not any kind of a marathon this time. It was just your average day.

Rumby is much much better, thankfully.

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