Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lizzy Leaves

The gray tux female kitten I call Lizzy just left to live with a Lebanon family. The woman had first offered help in raising the bottle babies, but then agreed to adopt one of the older kittens.

Good luck, Lizzy. I sent her with antibiotics and offered more if she needs them. The clinic who fixed the cats sent me home with antibiotics for all the old woman colony cats.

The Albany business cats are all still here, getting fat, and having fun. They took over the bed given me by the friend. It's their bed now. I call it the ABCB or "Albany Business Cat Bed". The other cats also go in and out and play with them. Stiletto and Alexi have become rather tame while hisser MIsty remains a hisser. Below are photos of the ABCB.
Cougie, Stiletto and Alexi.
Stileto and Alexi.
Left to right: Cougie, Stiletto, Alexi and Haley.

Sage and Jade were nicely sharing a cat bed, until I decided to take photos. Then Sage decided Jade should not be allowed to share the deluxe bed and turned dark in personality after chasing the sweet and light hearted Jade away.Sweet get along with anybody Jade.Darkly Sage.

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