Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Exterminating Angel Press Prints the Last Installment of Sunville Times

Click the post title to go read the final segment in my original and quirky Christmas story, Sunville Times, at Exterminating Angel Press!

AND, a Corvallis horse woman adopted the two short hair Siamese kittens from the old woman colony. She is really good with animals and they have a great chance with her.

I talked to both bottle babe feeders. The first woman, who took four of them, reports they are all still alive. She is so dedicated! So are her daughters.

The second woman reports that the Siamese bottle babe, who was struggling so, twice almost died, did in fact die the first night there. The other three, two boys and a girl, are so far, doing fine, however.

So seven of the original ten bottle babes, born to Synergy, the mother who after giving birth, moved them around, leaving six in a pile under a tree near the back porch of the old woman, after moving four to a brush pile. She eventually returned for four of those six, leaving two to die. I intervened for those two, but they were two of the three who later died.

I found the first four fairly soon, after Synergy ended up in a trap, but failed to find the other four until late that same night, meaning they had been alone for quite awhile, just after being born. I had no idea there were more than six until I heard them screaming from the brush pile that night. It is a miracle any of them are still alive.It's the two short hair kittens in the foreground, one a boy and one a girl, who just left for a new life with a horse woman.

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