Thursday, September 08, 2011

Two More Bottle Babes Die

Two more of the bottle babes have died, leaving only half of the original ten alive.

I think it will be a miracle if even one survives. I can't imagine a mother cat under those circumstances being able to properly form ten fetuses. The fact she was moving them, right after birth, is not a good sign either. The fact she left two of the ten to die, well, what are you going to do when you have had ten babies and can't even take care of yourself.

The fact I didn't know she had 8 in that brush pile, not just the four, and so pulled out four and thought that was all, leaving four others for hours until I heard them screaming, they never had a chance.

It's one of those things. One of the tragedies caused by assholes who don't fix then abandon their cats, as that poor mother cat was abandoned by tenants on the street when they moved.

I wish I could have caught her pregnant. They would then have died during spay and not had to have been born to suffer out their very very short lives on earth.

Fricking assholes who don't fix their pets and the suffering they cause.

I gave the woman who has gotten no sleep trying to care for the four, two of whom have died, $50 and made an appointment for them to be seen this afternoon at All Creatures Great and Small, that super vet clinic in Corvallis.

In other news, Kenji and Pepper are doing fine in their new home. It was like a miracle they went there. They had felt hot to the touch that day, and Pepper had developed diarrhea. They went to the vet the day after they were adopted and were put on antibiotics, wormed and given sub cu fluids.

I am so grateful. It was like their miracle and I told the woman so who adopted them.

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