Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Cats Fixed Friday at Portland FCCO Clinic

Silver tabby female, last cat I caught late Thursday night, fixed Friday.
The silver tabby female again.
Small black female, fixed Friday. She is lactating and they don't know where her kittens might be.
The long hair calico, fixed Friday.
This is Bella, the left behind gray girl from the Kind Man colony in Lebanon. She was fixed Thursday.Bella again.
Gray tux female rafter cat fixed Friday.
Lounging colony cats greet me when I return the fixed cats.
Fixed black against the grass.
Two fixed cats on the porch.
Kitten Stealer, brown tabby female who steals kittens, fixed yesterday.

I took up six cats to the Portland FCCO clinic. I think they did over 90 cats yesterday. They are so efficient at their new in place clinic. I can't stop singing their praises.

A man came out while I was picking up my cats later in the day. He could not believe they had done over 90 cats. He had caught a couple and was a first timer to the atrocities going on with animals. He said he could not believe so many people out there are so irresponsible and don't fix their cats then just throw them out unfixed to die or breed more unwanted cats. Welcome to our world, mister.

All six cats I took in were females. Five were from the VV colony and the sixth was the third and final unfixed adult from the second time around at the 5th Wheel colony in Lebanon.

I was going to take in the mother of the two bottle babes, but I was exhausted yesterday morning, doing all this trapping while taking care of cats for two friends also, while they vacation, that while trying to mix KMR to take along, to feed her babies while she was fixed, I said, "To hell with this" and left her with her two kittens in the garage. She was already set up in a large crate with a litter box, food and water.

I was also going to take the gray kitten who is at least two pounds, but could not get it together, being so exhausted, to get him in a carrier, from the bathroom to go, in the end.

The trip up to the clinic was uneventful. I registered the cats then headed to the rest area, where I immediately conked out cold in a dead sleep in my car.

I woke up three hours later very very hot. The sun had come out and my car was baking me alive. I opened the doors and windows to cool off, but then a big old wasp came in, attracted by spilled bait no doubt. The car reeks, from all the recent trapping and transporting.

I picked up the cats promptly at 2:15, at the clinic. But then came the nightmare of a crammed bumper to bumper freeway experience. To get from the N. Portland clinic to beyond Wilsonville took over an hour. I thought, "I am so glad I don't live in Portland." Maybe it was because it was Friday and people were heading off on trips.

After arriving home, I still had to set up those six cats, take care of all my own and the bathroom kittens, plus the mother and babies, then return the three cats from the Kind Man colony, who had been in my garage recuperating since their surgeries on Thursday. I returned them too and finally, finally could lay down and sleep.

I love my bed! I'm going to see a lot of it this weekend. It is raining again in Oregon.

I have guilt issues over being on SSI. Always have. I have fear over being on SSI too, because there is so much hate expressed towards the poor. With the impending debt ceiling crises and threats going out that social security will not be paid out if a debt limit isn't increased, I try to be, like in the Nazi days, "an essential worker". The Jews aspired to that, as they were herded and crammed into train cars and trucks headed for extermination camps. Those deemed essential workers sometimes were spared by the Nazi's, so they could be used as their slaves.

Sometimes that basic fear drives me in extreme efforts at cat roundups. I want to be deemed worthy. My father began the process of instilling in me my own unworthiness. It was a a daily drilling from the moment I can remember life, as a child. Such things are hard to overcome and even harder when reinforced by the hatred expressed, particularly on the right, for the poor. I really believe many hate us and would like us dead.

I don't know if this all is coming back from childhood, the relentless heartless criticisms from my father coupled with his right wing rants, which were nightly. I can't uncouple the two. He would have made a great Nazi!

In my own private life, alone, away from others, I feel no need to prove anything. If I keep off the TV news, with its hot headed debates about "entitlement programs" and how evil they are, I am a much more relaxed person. I never listen to hate rant radio.

Today, I must return these six cats and then I have nothing I must do for two entire days. I have decided to get the gray kitten fixed and return him. I am going to do the same with the torbical kitten, the older one I took out a week ago right after I gave those two Lynx Point boys to the friend of a friend.

I had ten, gave those two boys to that friend, then took in the torbical. I was back to nine. Then I got the gray boy and the five week old torbical and the mom with her two bottle babes Thursday night. So, if I kept all kittens now in my bathroom, I'd have 13 kittens and that is way too many. I've now signed over six of them to Heartland, which is a relief, except I still have to foster them, but that means there are still seven others.

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