Friday, July 15, 2011

Photos of the Six Cats Fixed Thursday. More Colony Photos

Here are mug shots of the six cats fixed yesterday, all from Lebanon. Five hail from the Kind Man/Evil World colony and one from the Wonder Woman colony.New show big male, neutered Thursday, that the ninety some year old woman quickly trapped herself to be fixed.
Wonder Woman male again.
Kind Man/Evil World colony calico, fixed Thursday.
Kind Man Evil World orange male, fixed Thursday.
Kind Man Evil World colony black male, fixed Thursday.
Kind Man Evil World white male, with tabby spots, fixed Thursday.

I have to get a better photo of Bella, the cat left behind by neighbors across the street, along with other cats, who was in heat but fixed Thursday.

Below are more colony photos:

This kitten, one of three from a now fixed female, stares at me from under a porch.
Fixed Siamese female heads for the water bowl. Yes! They now put out water near the food.
Sick tabby on white kitten.
Dozing fixed abbytorbi.

Fixed calico cops an attitude on the problem Maine Coon now fixed male, who still doesn't realize he's fixed. He and one of the now fixed big orange males went around trying to pick fights and spraying everything last night. The females finally tired of this behavior and took after both males, driving them away. Those big males are pathetic, with their spray marking and constant fighting. However, things are beginning to quiet down. Takes a good three to four weeks after all the males are fixed.
Gray kitten in the grass, with two fixed Siamese females behind him.

The orange kitten is very funny.

They want to keep this kitten and the orange tabby kitten. They want to keep at least one of the Siamese. There are two Siamese and a tabby on white in another litter. At least two of those kittens have gunked over eyes and no doubt severe earmites and fleas. Why people want to keep adoptable kittens but not care for them in any way, when they already have 50 cats, I don't know.

But then I thought, "Well, if they keep the kittens they have there, then other kittens who otherwise would not have a chance at a home, might get that chance." So, that's how I look at it now. And there, the cats at least are with their cat family. There are not that many decent homes with humans out there anymore. Many kittens and cats who are adopted get adopted to terrible and short lives.

I have to say I hate the neighbors behind me. They don't care about anyone else in the world. Their kids are out of control and scream all day in the backyard. They curse. They pound things. It's a nightmare. There is no way to do anything in my backyard unless I gouged my ear drums out. They ruin it. I often can hear them even from inside the house, screaming and yelling. I fricking hate them.

In other news, I think this weekend is Di Vinci Days in Corvallis. I hear there will be a large film festival associated with films from all over the world. I don't know how much all that costs to see. I usually don't go to this event since it does cost a lot.

Speaking of films, has anyone seen the latest Harry Potter flick? I did not see any of the Harry Potter films in the theater. I saw some of them on TV though.

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