Monday, June 06, 2011

Sam Leaving?

My brother declined The Nine, the business cat family, but says once again he'll take Sam, plus one of Sam's friends. My brother has always loved Sam. I asked "When?" I'd take them down today, if he said it was ok.

No answer yet.

Sam is not happy here, meows constantly in the cat yard, and would be a great shop cat for my brother, as he will have massive amounts of space and several people to give him the attention he wants. I am trying to think of who to pair him with. I'd pair him with Buffy, since they love each other, but Buffy isn't tame to other people and would not be easy to get inside nights or weekends. Has to be a tame cat. I'd pair him with Sage but they don't like each other. They are two strong willed cats!

I"m thinking about pairing him with Sage's boy Smolder, however. Smolder is cool and has tamed down. He is sleek and beautiful and athletic. Smolder and Nemo lately have paired up as best buddies, but Nemo can find another friend if Smolder leaves.

UPDATE: Sam is leaving Thursday, with a buddy not yet chosen.

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