Thursday, June 16, 2011

13 Albany Cats Fixed Today. 11 Kittens Removed Into Foster

I am exhausted and not in the most excellent of moods due to exhaustion. But, I did a good days work. I trapped 12 cats in two locations and picked up a tame stray calico at a third location and transported all up to be fixed, while also bottle feeding a litter of four kittens I removed from Bengal mans' garage last night, and bottle feeding four two to three week olds found in the bushes on Davidson street. So I had my hands full.

I got very little sleep last night, due to the trapping and then caring for everyone else here. So, expect, if any of you were stupid enough to call, to be snapped at. The only cat not shown in photos, fixed today, is a black male fixed from the Davidson st. colony. I trapped two females and three males there, took the four bottle babes, and need to catch one more male there. I trapped seven cats at the Bengal man colony including two pregnant females and lactating female and removed seven kittens from two litters and this evening, trapped the mom of the second litter.

I then had to take fricking shit from the neighbor with the unfixed free roaming male who was sympathizing with another neighbor, of course a young adult male, who was making snide remarks about how he wished "they" would have taken the cats away for good, like I'm some paid removal service. For the neighbor who is part of the problem, to sympathize with that pathetic man's couch potato comment, with her own unfixed male in the middle of the street yowling was not something she should have done in front of me at my stage of exhaustion. I lit into her. I told her neighbors could easily have taken care of this themselves and that that is what neighbors should do, instead of some stranger coming into the neighborhood to solve it on her time and her dime.

The woman began spluttering out excuses. She has a friend whom she said is the one who got over twenty fixed two years ago. "Excuse me?" I said. "You are saying your friend got the 24 cats fixed two years ago?"

"FYI, I got those cats fixed two years ago." She took off, insisting it was her friend, who has a nonprofit that primarily helps dogs. I could not believe it. I don't know if her friend is lying, taking credit for work I did, or if this woman is mixing it for her own twisted use of information.

A good night's sleep should return my good humor. Or not. It's never pleasant to hear of other people taking credit for work I did. It's not a fun thing to hear. However, these sorts of things only assume importance when I am worn out. Funny thing about that.

Two of Young black mom's four kittens, now in foster with KATA.
Young black mom cat, fixed today, her four young kittens now in foster with KATA, to save their lives from a cat hater and pitbulls.

Big old ragged orange and white tom, from the Davidson street colony, fixed today.
Big buff male, from Davidson St. colony, fixed today.
Stray calico, abandoned by asshole man on 2nd street in Albany, now cared for by neighbors of said asshole, spayed today.

Abandoned calico, turned out to be already spayed, now fed as stray on Davidson.
Gray female, preg at spay, Bengal man colony, fixed today.
Bengal mix male, Bengal man colony, fixed today.
2nd Bengal mix male, Bengal man colony, fixed today.
Abbytabby female, preg at spay, Bengal Man colony, spayed today.
Medium hair dark brown tabby female, lactating, spayed today. Her four kittens, all males, removed from trash in garage, kittens now with KATA in foster.7 Bengal Man colony kittens, from two mothers, five males and two females, removed last night and today. Now in foster with KATA.
Teen female bengal mix, spayed today, Bengal man colony.
The teen female again.
Big orange tabby male, fixed today, Bengal man colony.

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