Friday, July 01, 2011

7 Albany Cats Fixed Today

I've added some kitten cuteness. I have ten kittens in my bathroom from the VV. They arrive and slowly, they see it's ok, and start to go wild! Play! Food! The Siamese female is the silliest and friendliest along with her brothers, the Lynx Points. The recent arrivals, the gray tux, black tux, another Lynx Point and the muted tortis brother are slowly coming out of their shells, too.This little Lynx Point boy is darling.
And this girl, one of three, unbelievable!
The black tux, after rehydration and ear mite killing, is really coming into his own.
But this one, the girl Siamese, she is something else again.
This little girl's brother just arrived yesterday, but she too is a ball of confidence and energy.

This big black male still needs caught and fixed.
This old black tux male from VV was fixed today.
Small but dominant gray male, fixed today from VV.
This big orange guy was fixed Wednesday. See that ear tip?
Huge Gray tabby male, fixed today from VV.
Huge black male fixed today from VV.
Black female fixed today from VV.

Gray tux male, fixed today from VV.

Today, I took up 7 cats to be fixed. I could have had four done at Heartland but why torture myself? I was already tired and Heartland is way over in Corvallis. I could get them all done quickly up in Wilsonville and that's what I did. They are so easy to work with.

One of the six I trapped up at the VV last night turned out to be a female. She was the small black one. I wasn't sure on that one, if it was male or female, so decided I better keep her, rather than one day try to retrap her.

I wish I'd trapped the pregnant gray female.

So six more from the VV, five of them major males. However, there are at least two more major males up there to get caught and other sub dominants. Prior to today, I had taken in only three males of 14 cats fixed from there. Currently 20 adult cats have been fixed from the VV and ten kittens removed. 30 cats in all. So far.

The seventh cat I took up was a new show in my yard. Yup. Cat number 33 I've caught in my yard alone. He's a two year old or so tamish male and he showed up at least two weeks ago very starved. My neighbor also has been feeding the poor fellow. Now at least he's neutered.Latest yard cat fixed today.

I fell asleep hard in my car at the rest area, after delivering the cats to the clinic and did not wake for four hours!!!! Dead hard dreaming sleep. Felt good.

Now, it's Miller Time!

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