Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Stupid

One of many raccoons to visit the trapping area. I had to feed him or her, to have any chance of catching a cat.

I am stupid. I repeated my mistake. I believe that is the definition of stupid. I really thought there would be a different outcome.

I all nighted it behind the nursing home again.

And again, I caught no cats. And again, I was beleaguered by raccoons intent on sabotage.

At least this time, I called it a night, or rather, morning, at 4:00 a.m., two full hours earlier than the last time.

Yeah, that really says something.

The cats were hungry but paranoid supremely of the traps. I saw little of the cats. They had not been fed for days, which is usually not wise when trapping, only serves to make their appearances scarce and increase their paranoia. It's not how I do things.

I saw lots of raccoons. Some were aggressive.

I tried MacDonald's hamburgers, warm, dry and disgusting, as bait.

No go.

Smart cats.

I gave up in the end. I slept all day today. Doesn't seem like enough sleep even yet.

Tomorrow, Valentino gets his re-dental, thanks, in part, to funds raised by back east blogger Original Wacky! The funds were then forwarded via Paypal to Poppa Inc. who will arrange to pay the clinic.

I am deeply grateful because otherwise, I'd be deeply in debt by tomorrow.

Thank you Original Wacky and all those who donated via her ChipIn button.

Tonight, I'm still worn out, from two fruitless cold cramped nights in my car over in Corvallis. So, it's off to bed early. Valentino is howling mournfully from the spare bedroom, where he is, without food, as is required before anesthesia.

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