Saturday, May 07, 2011


You wanted to see a big possum didn't you? Granted the photo is distant and fuzzy, but I did take it through my window, middle of the night, in the dark, from 35 feet! This is one of the many nursing home colony possums who showed up in the sleepless night of no cats caught. Impressive, is he not? Want to cuddle up with him?

Another of the cats' favorite beds, it's possession highly prized and sometimes tiffed over, against the bedroom window. Here Starry enjoys the best spot, pressed against the warm window, which means I have to wash the window frequently. Teddy is next to her.
Starry again.
Starry is going through a growth spurt and is long and lithe.
Sage relaxes atop the exclusion room.
Miss Daisy, a.k.a. Miss Cush, with Slurpy, on my bed, which I sometimes am allowed to share with them.
Dex, still frail and thin, on my bed. I still put her in the sick cage at times, so I can more easily force feed her and administer fluids but she doesn't do well in the cage, so I don't confine her long.
Dex, feeling better but not %100.
Albany Business cats Alexi, in back, Stiletto, on left and Rogue, the only boy of the nine trapped so far, on the right.
Meesa has blossomed in the last months and loves it here. She is pressed against the warm window, with her daughter, Fantasia, near.

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