Monday, May 09, 2011

Valentino is Freed of Tooth Pain. Valentino Says THANK YOU!

I can't hold my camera still enough by hand to take good closeups of these teeth, pulled today. The top canine however, even in this bad photo, you can see the decay and how it is broken. Not shown is the premolar pulled.

Valentino had seven teeth removed today: four canines, all cracked, broken and decayed, one premolar, the large one upper left, one incisor and one incisor broken off beneath the gumline.

Those canines are visibly cracked, broken with decay probably to the center nerve canal obvious to the naked eye. He has been in terrible pain, and you would know that to look at those teeth. Shame on that first vet for leaving them in.

The vet said the canines, usually the hardest teeth to pull, came out easily, indicating the degree of decay and chronic infection surrounding them inside the gum.

But they're gone now. Woohoo for him and for bye bye to tooth pain. Thank you again Michy for setting up the Chipin! The cost was just under the amount raised too, so it worked out perfectly for Valentino and for me.

Valentino says THANK YOU!

In other news, the free kittens are out in force already on craigslist. It's only May. Doesn't look good again.

You'd think people would learn but the people who don't want to learn, want to shut their eyes, ears and brains off, just do that. They are well practiced.

I'm trying to actually do that also, to some extent, by staying off craigslist, but outraged people e-mail me the posts. These people are angry as well, at the continuing selfish breeding of cats, often same old players too, who harm the entire cat population by letting their cats breed and giving them away free, often to like minded idiots.

It's too much for me anymore. Idiocracy and delight in illiteracy and selfish behavior, these are treasured values. These "values" harm cats terribly.

Sometimes I e-mail the people, offering help fixing their cats. But the help out there is now well known. So these are wanton breeders or just really lazy people. Or both.

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