Sunday, April 03, 2011

Over Done?

Gray tux male, being fixed today.
Brown tabby male, being fixed today.
Black tux male, being fixed today.
Rugged looking (possibly has ringworm) long hair black male, being fixed today.
Another black long hair male, being fixed today.
Owned torbi, named Bandita, being spayed today.
LickyLu, owned DLH brown tabby female, being fixed today.
Nubbers, a calico manx, being fixed today.

I went to trap those cats the woman at Circle K told me about. I had been hoping to get them into the Heartland Snip and Spay today, but they had to know exactly how many I would catch. I wonder how many they fixed at that event today. I hope lots.

Anyhow, my gosh, I thought there were four. I have 8 in the car now, three females and five big males. There were at least two others, but I ran out of time and traps.

The vet is going to kill me. Oh well, if they can't be all done tomorrow, some can wait until they can be done.

Update: the clinic was happy I had the 8. They said they had only one other surgery scheduled today. They don't like being bored. I love them.

The man who owns the three females being fixed, had a fourth, who had kittens. Supposedly he's taking the mom and three six week old kittens to Safehaven.

There's been a lot of house cat breeding that's gone on at that complex. The result is left behind and barely noticed cats, although none of the males I trapped would be considered all out ferals. They've been kicked out, at some point, and usually that is because they didn't get fixed.

I saw at least two more cats who need caught over there and maybe more than that.

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