Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Never Too Late

An Albany woman for whom I've trapped cats before had asked me to trap an old hairy manx she's fed for years. Time to get her off the streets. She thought she was feral. I drop trapped her this a.m.

We took her out in the woman's containment cage, which is large and cozy, almost tall enough to stand up in, probably ten feet by ten feet by five feet high. Immediately, she crawled onto my lap. This old girl, who has lived as a stray at least six years, is tame. At some point, years ago, someone left her behind.

She is wall to wall mats and has earmites. The woman called her vet immediately. My attempts to cut loose mats even around her head were futile in the face of their severity. When I picked her up, I was poked by thorns and berry vine pieces, dead and stickered, embedded in her belly mats.

The woman will try to find her a home, once she is cleaned up.

It's never too late, even for an old stray, long tossed out to survive the best she could. Fortunately, she found a kind hearted woman who fed her in the meantime and now, despite joblessness, will get her any care she needs. She is one lucky girl.

It's a really happy day for that old manx long hair stray.

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