Friday, April 08, 2011

Kill the Poor, Elderly, Disabled!

The message coming from the tea party and republicans seems to indicate a further war on the poor, old and ill. In a budget proposed by one tea party member, medicaid would be terminated for the poor. Instead, states would get block grants which they could if they wanted use to fund some programs for health care to replace medicaid, the federal health care program that covers some of the poor and the disabled.

Also, in the tea party plan, medicare would end, for anyone 55 and under, as a future health plan. Instead, the government would give individuals subsidies to squandar by buying private health insurance. Yeah, like anyone can afford private health insurance now. That's how greed works. Health insurance companies are the face of greed. They don't get rich by providing coverage to sick people. They get rich with elaborate schemes to knock off sick people.

Tea partiers, I would venture to say, have brought back the notion of death panels for granny. Kill the poor! Kill the old! Kill the ill! This is the way to prosperity. Yeah, whatever. I think Hitler tried a similar route. His target, the Jews, the disabled, the gays, the religious. I am trying so hard to tune out Washington. I no longer watch the news.

I'll tell you what I'll kill first: the TV, so I don't have to hear those hateful rants anymore against poor people and the old.

We're on a downhill slide here in America. The dollar is falling. The government is shut down.

Stock up on cat food.

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