Friday, April 08, 2011

Five Cats Fixed Today

This is the old manx girl, who had a great clip job at the vet clinic. She did so without anesthesia, probably grateful to rid herself of such a burden of mats. This is a great and happy story for an old gal like her. She must be sighing with relief and happiness, after all these years living as a stray.

These are the two orange brothers, from Corvallis, fixed yesterday, as a "catatarian" thing, since I usually don't make the trip, the long day, for just two cats. Their caretaker paid the gas for transport, however.

Below are the photos of the first three cats fixed today from the Albany business:
This is the teen crypt orchid male.
Tabby on white teen female, spayed today.
Pregnant calico from the business, fixed today. When I first saw her there, three older kittens surrounded her. They are probably four months old tops. She was literally a breeding machine, without choice.

I got home from the Corvallis nursing home, where I drop trapped two of the remaining four cats who were not yet fixed, at 3:45. That's a.m. That's this morning.

Update: I found out both cats drop trapped at the nursing home last night were males. Had not known for sure about the long hair fuzzy brown tabby. Boy! Both tested negative, too. They were fixed at Heartland. I've watched how the one long hair tabby relates to the one fixed today. I think they are brothers, just a guess, but they are very close. So hopefully that one too is a male. Meaning, if I am right, we have only one little female to catch before she has kittens, who could not even yet be classified a teenager, but who is in heat, likely already impregnated. Disaster averted there, by getting the females fixed before they all had kittens.

Fortunately, I"d slept two hours in my car in the parking lot over there, under a blanket, having forgotten my coat. For April, the temperature was freezing. Really! Down to near freezing, if it wasn't.

I then slept three more hours before waking to my disturbing alarm, loading the three nursing home cats into my car, picking up two Lebanon brothers in a gas station parking lot, and taking them all up to the clinic.

I then went and slept three more hours, crumpled in my car in the rest area.

The clinic got the cats done quickly. The three nursing home cats were a teenage female (neither pregnant nor in heat), a pregnant calico, and a crypt orchid teen male (one non descended testicle).

I arrived home and tried calling the business, where the three were trapped. Am concerned primarily by the pregnant females there. If they have litters, four or five litters among them all, then twenty or twenty five unwanted kittens will be born in an already unwanted colony. That's my major concern.

Without resolution from the call (manager out), I asked the city woman to talk to them. She's good talking to people and I am not. Hopefully the situation can be quickly resolved.

I like to go in and get situations solved immediately. I see no reason once a problem is identified to draw it out. That's the way I like doing things.

I'm not much good at human politics or wrangling or threat posturing, all that. Don't like it. That's why I like best working in the dark alone under the stars and getting the job done immediately.

My neighbor works for the feds in Corvallis. I asked her if the government shuts down if she will just not get paid, or not go to work. She said both. She said she won't mind the time off, but will mind the no pay. She works way too hard, bringing home work she must do all weekend, too. Low staffing I guess. She's a single mom of a disabled son, too, so she's already under stress, doing everything herself. When people diss on federal workers, I think of her, and how hard she works, and the piles of works she comes home with, to do in her supposed off hours. Then I want to slap around the people who say such things.

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