Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fused Glass Projects Back

I got the fused glass pieces from that craft class back, after they were kilned. I made three little pieces. Two are about three by three inches and the other is smaller. I do not know what I'll do with them.

It's a nice day today. However, I am unable to tolerate being outside. Power tools are roaring so loud it can penetrate clear to my bedroom. Can't watch TV. Can't even think from the racket of the old man and his multitudes of power tools which will likely roar all day long. He's deaf. Big surprise.

I can't take it, have to get out of here. I know how much he loves spring so he can haul out the power tools, even the leaf blower again, which he has been using instead of a rake or mower bag. He takes all day with the power tools, and it drives me nuts. He can barely hear so the roaring doesn't bother him. He knows it drives me nuts, to be unable to go outside or even do anything inside, due to his activities with his awful and loud and horrible power tools. I hate them.

I fricking hate them. This is the first nice day we've had. I can't enjoy it in my backyard or do anything outside. Because of him and his takeover of peace and quiet with his power tools.

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