Monday, March 14, 2011

The Unthinkable is Happening

A melting core nuclear reactor is now releasing radiation in levels dangerous to human health, according to Japan's own prime minister. Even plant workers were evacuated, leaving 50 behind to still try to contain the out of control reactors. There are now at least four reactors in partial or full meltdown. If they breach their steel containment canisters, the unthinkable becomes reality.

Already what we're told cannot happen has happened with Japan's nuclear reactors.

After one, then two, then three, and now four reactors' cooling systems failed, we were still told they'd not melt down. But they are melting down. We were still reassured by countless experts on national TV no radiation would escape. Now that too is happening.

My personal reaction is: Don't believe industry paid scientists. My personal meltdown is partial but my core is getting hotter. Not just over this, the nuclear industry apparent national news lies in plain sight, over the possibility of radiation release, but over lots of other same cases, where we've been long duped and lied to.

Two men were on KGW this evening, talking about how we should have changed our energy policy long ago, manufacturing cheap solar panels for every house in America and plugging in our cars, because it costs far less per mile to run on electricity than on gas. We've talked these issues to death for decades and done nothing. Now the energy industry here wants to go nuclear, when we could still go with these cheaper cleaner safer alternatives instead. Who is running the discussion that then forms policy or lack thereof? They need dismissed of their mouths which are running on green fuel all right, greenback fuel that is.

The news also stated higher than normal radiation levels are now being detected in Tokyo, too.

How have we come to this, that people are grabbing up Iodine pills at pharmecies here, fearful a radioactive cloud will smother Oregon if the winds come across the ocean from Japan towards us, here in the northwest. And they could blow it this way.

Air quality stations are checking for radiation levels in Oregon, from air blowing in off the ocean. This is some brave new world.

The experts again are saying "no need to worry about that". And we're supposed to believe them. I don't. I have betadine scrub. It's a form of iodine. Guess I could coat my throat with that. Thyroid cancers from radioactive iodine exposure take usually 20 to 30 years to show up. The thyroid takes up iodine and if iodine is attached to radioactivity, that's the danger and I guess that's what they use or something in reactors.

I'll be dead by the time I'd get cancer from radiation blowing out of Japan now of something. Old age. I'm not going to worry about a radiation cloud. It's one of those things I won't lose sleep over because there's not a damn thing I could do about it anyhow.

If I had kids, I'd be getting some iodine pills for them.

But don't take them. They're yukky and can make your kids sick on their own.

They're telling people to stay in their homes to reduce exposure within 19 or 20 miles radius of the reactors in Japan. Radiation particles penetrate almost anything though. When I read up on nuclear dirty bomb shelters you could build for yourself, online, the articles say you got to have 16 inches of mass between you and those particles. 16 fricking inches of the most dense material you can find. Lead is nice but who has that much lead? Or steel?

And I heard the reactor containment vessel itself was only six inches thick of steel.

We need teensy teensy little insect baseball batters, who can step in, pinch hit, and knock every gamma particle back out into space that heads our way. Maybe they're beta particles. I don't know. I never studied nuclear physics.

Japan's third hit, the man made sector of the disaster, might end up the deadliest.

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