Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Need Some Adoptions!

Calico teen, fixed in November, now here, waiting for somewhere.
Tame torbi, from same location where they are no longer fed, now in my garage. I took her to the Neuterscooter to be fixed last August. I took five from that complex that day to be fixed. Since then, I've gotten 8 more fixed there. Bad bad place for cats. People abandon them like they're nothing.
As everyone who knows me knows, I need some adoptions! And I have some great cats here waiting, like Sage, Dickens, Smolder, Zach, Echo, Fantasia, Teddy, the list is long.

It's getting longer. The apartment cats, that are no longer being fed, unless I do it, are in trouble. Poppa Inc's president thought she could take the torbi and the two kittens I got fixed in December, now teens. So I have the torbi now in my garage. And just now, I picked up the calico teen.

But now they can't go up to Beaverton, because the group she works with has stalled out on adoptions, so they'll have to stay in my garage awhile, waiting. It's overwhelmeing.

Valentino, the Beat up old street warrior stray, is doing just fine. He's no trouble at all and seems to have been accepted by the other cats. His hurt leg, from jumping off a counter, is getting better and he's starting to grow hair back. He's a lover boy, that is for sure.

So, adoptions? I need them. I listed Sage again in Eugene this time. I think I should rename her. Maybe I'll name her Nemo! When Nemo was here, I got inquiries even from the east coast. Had to be the name.

I was supposed to take up some cats to be fixed today. Four females from the same household. But they never called back. I was to pick them up Monday night. Why in the world would you not get your cats fixed, if it was free to you, and you didn't even have to transport them or provide a carrier, just make the call to come get them? A household nearby still has four needing fixed that they feed out back, three males and a little female. They have my trap, but I got no call that they caught even one. It is frustrating sometimes.

There was another household who wanted my number, which I gave them, because they had three in heat females needing fixed. They have not called to get that done either. Why not, I wonder.

Those 8 females if not fixed will pop out pregnant soon, if not already. If they have even four kittens each, that's 32 more cats born, to be handed out free, to go on to be dumped, or to breed more themselves and to compete, for homes out there, with the likes of Sage and Zach and all the rest here waiting. Like so many other cats wait. And wait....

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