Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radioactive Plume to Hit SoCal

Apparently the overwhelmed Japanese government has not been quite truthful about what is going on at the failing power plants. There was this, on a yahoo news site, "A United Nations forecast projects the radioactive plume from the Fukushima facility would reach the Aleutian Islands on Thursday and hit Southern California late on Friday, The New York Times reported."

That is scary. Also, the American government wants American citizens out of Japan.

This may only be the beginning. The news is so contradictory I don't know what is truth and what isn't.

This expert says "don't worry" while the next says "worry". Our Oregon health department head was really stern in an interview, stating firmly that potassium iodine tablets are not necessary while the mayor of S.F. and the US secretary of health say it's not a bad idea to be prepared and have them on hand.

Radiation wipes out white cells, making a person prone to infection, and it wipes out bone marrow. The most common cancers caused years after exposure are thyroid cancer and blood cancers, like leukemia. Also, lymphoma. In acute cases of radiation sickness, you bleed to death because your blood won't clot.

These are really heavy tiny particles and that's why they work in X-rays. Organs and bones and tumors slow down the particles, producing white space on the X-ray. If you get bombarded too long, by these heavy particles, there's damage done.

It's wierd to think about, isn't it? The idea particles can pass right through you, like you're not there? Reminds me of how we're all vincible, pretty much compacted light rays, but if you had better vision, you'd see all the spaces in between. We're not really solid objects.

My heart goes out to the people and animals of Japan. I wish we could spin time backwards and go down a different tangent. My heart is tight for the west coast of America and all places in between. I don't know or not if the plume is coming, because I don't know who to believe. We might be a huge population in need of wig and hair piece donations real soon.

I got the torbi out of the rafters. I netted her with my age old home made fishing net. She and the calico are now both in the bathroom.

The black and white female, likely mom to the calico, might be sister of the torbi, was handed out to a Corvallis woman by the woman who used to feed the apartment cats without my knowledge two weeks ago or more. When I was over at her place, to pick up the torbi, I pressed her on who had adopted her and how it was going and she finally showed me a disturbing e-mail in which the woman expressed anguish over the cats feral nature and nervousness and suggested she might take her to Heartland. She had pressed the woman for records on the cat, too. I had those records, including the fact she had been vaccinated when I took her and four others, in the first cats I got fixed there, to the Neuterscooter.

I e-mailed Heartland then, yesterday, asked if she had been brought in, attaching her photo. She had indeed been brought in and had been on a bite hold! If only that woman who handed her out had told the woman the truth about her history and if she wanted vet records, my number. I don't know why she didn't. The cat wouldn't have needed to be on a bite hold since she had been vaccinated.

Anyhow, I was going to go pick her up, but Heartland now thinks they have a home for her as an office cat at an Alsea area stable. I hope they confine her and not just turn her loose. I asked Heartland if they would ask the people, who sound extraordinary, if they'd take one or both of her relatives, now here, in my bathroom. I hope they will. That would be spectacular. The torbi is tame enough to be adopted as a house cat. She once was owned. The black and white one too. There are too many assholes abandoning pets in this area.

I got two responses so far on my ad for Sage. One sounds pretty good, single middle aged woman, wants a nice friendly cat. She's still deciding I think, and hasn't filled out the adoption application. The other, after initial response, hasn't e-mailed back but she may not have had time.

I'm picky on homes. I want the cats indoor only now. Too many outdoor cats just disappear, killed by cars, dogs, coyotes, poisons, whatever. I tell people straight up I am looking for stable homes without addiction issues, big anger issues, or frequent partying in the home. But it's still hard and you never know.

Nemo was doing good last I heard from his adoptor. They're wonderful people. If something happens bad, it won't be for lack of trying or love on their part. That's all I can hope for. I've let him go. People are always free to return a cat.

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