Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentino is Negative

The big guy is negative on FIV/Felk. (shockwaves pass through me)


I think he's got a viable adoption interest, too, someone up in Olympia, attracted to a hard case cat. Yay.

First, he has to get those bad teeth pulled. I hope to get that done real soon, so he can move on to a new life, probably in our northern neighbor's state capital.

He needs a lot of TLC and time and he'll be just fine I hope.

UPDATE: An Albany woman donated enough to have both Nickel and Valentino's teeth done. Poppa is having it done up there. Valentino will leave Albany for good on Thursday and once his teeth are cleaned up, he'll be leaving for a great family in Olympia that are just too kind and good to be true. But they are for real!!!

Nickel is the Stayton trailer park cat, abandoned there declawed and already neutered and very very ill, with a swollen cheek from a tooth infection. The infection is long gone, thanks to a donation from a Sublimity woman that allowed him a checkup and long term antibiotic injection, but he needs four teeth pulled and that will now happen also, thanks to the Albany woman. None of us had the money to get his bad teeth pulled. The donar is a poor person, but she had money stuck away and wanted to help Valentino. Thank you Melissa!

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