Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FCCO Clinic This Sunday

There is an FCCO clinic this Sunday in Corvallis. I had tried to reserve five spots for those Millersburg abandoned cats, but then when the business changed hands and more people were complaining/concerned about the mother and her kittens, I had to trap them ahead of the clinic. I had not heard back either, from the FCCO, so did not know if I would get the reservations.

I did hear back two days ago. They need cats, had at that time only 43 registered. None of the four colonies I referred had registered, but then none of those folks have internet and I was informed at this time, the local FCCO clinic is taking reservations only by e-mail and their online form. That will eliminate a lot of the stray cat feeders from utilizing the clinic since so many are poor and without web access.

I hope they find colonies that need fixed. There are a lot out there, like in Monroe and west of Corvallis, and of course in Linn County, lots in Crabtree alone. But people don't know about the clinics and many people do not have internet. I think they should advertise.

I am hoping to get ahold of the biggest colony in Lebanon and see if I can trap them and get them in.

Well, anyhow, back to it.

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