Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentino Clean Up Continues

Clean up, of Valentino, continues. I took him into my bathroom, realizing this would create havoc with my cats and the smell a just neutered huge male still gives off. No choice, however.

I clipped off more hair. I scrubbed him with anti fungal anti bacterial shampoo as his feet and even tail were matted in dirt. He didn't mind the bath. I cleaned his ears again and trimmed his nails, which were not overgrown as one might think. This gives credence to my theory he has not been on his own long.

In the photos, that's just dirt ground into his nose and on that one back leg and foot.

He's howling like a tom cat in my bathroom, which is not fun. His teeth all need out, but first he's getting tested today. I grit my teeth over it, know it is very likely he is positive for FIV or Felk or both.

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